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Story | 06/15/2018 11:06:00

Precise reporting in a supportive environment at UPM Financial Services

Lawrence Ambe started a little over a year ago as Junior Financial Controller at UPM Financial Services. His work consists of quality reporting of sales companies around Europe by performing complex financial tasks and ensuring compliance with financial standards.

In the Sales team Lawrence is working in, many team members have recently changed to new positions due to job rotation, looking for new challenges, or changes in the Finance organization structure. Some are recently recruited, Lawrence himself as one example.

“My team is fairly new, and I think it is a good thing because while we are together learning our tasks, we are more importantly coming up with new ideas and ways of being more efficient and effective as a team. We have a strong bond within the team,” Lawrence describes.

Report the right thing

The work itself involves a 360-degree view of finance and welcomes the agile nature of the profession.

“We get to understand the whole process from beginning to end and see how our work impacts our colleagues and the whole company. For example, I mostly report and align the figures and check they represent actual facts. If an amount is not invoiced or VAT is wrongly treated, I understand the impact that would have on my colleague’s work and the end report used by different stakeholders.

Our agility also allows us to adapt the newest tools and standards that enable us to provide world class finance for our stakeholders.”

Already at the junior level, Lawrence has been able to take part in extra projects to develop in his work.

“New projects come up all the time and we are encouraged to take part according to our interests, aspirations and schedules. Recently there was a new analytical tool we could learn, sometimes there is a new software to test, and so on. I have learned a lot in one year, and extra projects make it possible to expand our expertise outside the daily work.”

Bright career opportunities for financial experts

Lawrence is not yet looking for the next move inside UPM Finance Operations, but he is confident about his career development and opportunities in the very near future; UPM values career growth of its employees and takes steps to encourage and support it.

“Big companies such as UPM have a lot of development opportunities vertically and horizontally. And the team is great. People really want to work here. In UPM, achieving together is one of the key values and it shows here. We are encouraged to bring up our ideas and change the way to do things. You can actually influence what is happening in the company. Everyone trusts and supports you.“

Even though many tasks in reporting are independent, working at the UPM Finance Operations means you are not alone. At Tulli Business Park in Tampere, Finland, there are colleagues working for various UPM businesses and you can always find company for breakfast, lunch or coffee.

For those considering whether to apply or not, what would Lawrence say?

“Apply! There are so many opportunities. Most likely, what you’re looking for is here.” 


Petra Niemi