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Story | 05/30/2018 10:55:00

What’s it like to work in a hub of 200 finance experts?

Säde Numminen started at UPM four years ago as a Financial Controller. Since then, she has taken on new, demanding responsibilities. Now Säde is working as a Finance Manager in a team of six financial experts at the Tulli Business Park in Finland.

“We take care of finance and tax reporting for two business units, UPM Plywood and UPM Specialty Papers,” Säde describes her team’s duties. Most of the time all team members work independently, but whenever help is needed there’s a group of almost 200 financial experts supporting with their experience.

“This place, Tulli Business Park, has an amazing range of financial expertise,” Säde says.

“You can find a solution for any problem just by asking your colleague. And everybody’s encouraged to develop themselves. It is easy to jump into new challenges and be confident that things will be managed with this group’s support.”

Wanted: financial professionals with curious mindset

Säde Numminen is pleased with the way UPM takes action in developing processes and ways of working.

“Continuous development and improvement are not just words, they are actively implemented at UPM Financial Control,” Säde says. “We have good opportunities to develop ourselves as well as our work. We get to work with the latest tools and automation. Learning new technologies is much supported by the employer.”

UPM is looking for new talents to work in finance. Säde Numminen adds that the environment in UPM Financial Control is suitable for people who are interested in new things, want to develop themselves and have curious minds.

“This is a rewarding place to work. Teams have clear targets and guidelines, also on individual level, and your input and good work are noticed. At the busiest reporting peaks everybody is needed at the office. Sometimes the schedule is very busy. Then again, the work is also very versatile and flexible; you can work from home or stretch hours according to your personal schedule. You have a lot of freedom and you get a lot of responsibility,” Säde Numminen sums. 

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