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Verla wakes up in summer

UPM maintains the Verla groundwood and board mill museum in South-Eastern Finland. Verla is the only site related to forest industry on the Unesco World Heritage list. In Verla, the changes in industrial work and technological development are visible.

UPM wants to keep the valuable UNESCO World Heritage Site in good condition for the future. In 2017, UPM repaired the old chimney, the boiler room structures and the buildings in the museum area. A new heating plant has been built in early 2018 and the old, repaired chimney is once again in use after 50 years of rest.

The brick buildings were heated when the groundwood and cardboard mills were still in operation. However, the heating was removed after operations ceased in 1964. When the buildings are heated again, the heat will be conducted through its structures, drying both the air inside the building and the structures in turn. Heating the facilities also protects the preserved machines and equipment.

The new boiler produces heat using renewable wood pellets. The project has been developed in co-operation with the National Board of Antiquities. Until now, Verla has only been open to the public during the summer season. Heating enables the development of tourism and a longer— at best, year-round— operating season.

After Verla was named a World Heritage Site in 1996, the buildings were fitted with fire protection systems. Other safety measures have also been taken. As the mill is surrounded by the canal of the powerplant, a dam has been constructed to protect the buildings from flooding and water leakages.

See you at Verla!

Opening hours:

2 May - 30 September Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00,

Museum is closed midsummer Friday and Saturdy in June.

In July open daily 10:00-18:00.

Guided tours only. Tours in Finnish begin each hour on the hour, the last one at 17:00 (and in July at 18:00), in other languages (English, Swedish, German, Russian) on request.

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