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Story | 05/21/2018 12:38:00

Tax specialist jumped into new challenges at UPM Finance

Would you ask this man for tax advice? You should. Heikki Rintala worked as a tax advisor in Finnish Tax Administration for 12 years, and then a few years as a tax advisor in an accounting firm. Last August his career led him to UPM Finance when there was a job opening in the indirect taxation team.

”I had never worked in a company’s internal processes before, and was looking for new challenges. I was interested in the prospect of advancing my career and working for an international company,” says Heikki. “Now, working as a manager with VAT processes and compliance, I can apply the experience I’ve learned in a different context. Working on the tax payer side puts everything in a new perspective.”

There are six other experts with Heikki Rintala working in the indirect taxation team. The international nature of the work can be both seen and heard every day.

“Three members of the team are abroad, and we do a lot of work with foreign partners. We speak English as main language and UPM’s presence in dozens of different countries gives the work special international flavour.”

Responsibility and continuous improvement in a major role

UPM values a culture of continuous improvement. How is this showing in Rintala’s work?

“I hold VAT trainings once a month. You can see continuous improvement also in understanding the big picture, both in our own work as part of the process and in understanding the different businesses: what we sell, why, and to whom?”

Rintala is very happy with his new job. There is a lot of responsibility and an open working environment.

”Everything is possible, and we’re encouraged to do whatever we think we can do. You can work remotely and everything can be agreed flexibly within the team. My colleagues are super. It’s easy to work with experienced professionals.”

Are you interested in working in finance? UPM Finance is looking for new talents. Read more and apply here.

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