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  • UPM Bioforce Graduate Programme 2018 takes you to the heart of the paper business!
Story | 04/04/2018 10:26:00

UPM Bioforce Graduate Programme 2018 takes you to the heart of the paper business!

UPM’s Bioforce Graduate programmes have been great successes for us, as we have found bright people like Jukka and Jennifer through them. Thankfully, the graduates seem happy as well. But we want more! After all, a major slice of our success is based on high-performing people who have a passion for what they do.

Now we are on the lookout for people who have recently graduated, or have a couple of years work experience, to take part in the Bioforce Graduate Programme 2018 in paper businesses. The trainee positions are in paper sales, maintenance and production at UPM Paper ENA and UPM Specialty Papers. The programme will start in September and the application period is through 1–30 April 2018.

There are eleven positions in Germany, Finland, France and Russia. Two are in sales in Paris and Moscow and nine in maintenance and production at different UPM mills in France, Finland, and Germany.

Finding a home at UPM

The trainees will get to work with the absolute best paper makers in a truly global company with ambitious sustainability standards, strict policies on safety at work and an ever-evolving product portfolio. As before, all graduates will have a UPM mentor and personal development plan and they will work at different UPM locations during the first year. One assignment will be in another country if possible. Along the way the graduates will undergo training in their own field of specialty but also increase their business understanding.

The UPM Bioforce Graduate Programme 2018 in paper business is hoping to find bright, open-minded people with a positive attitude. If you are good both on paper and off it we’d love to have you join us!

Click the links below to learn more and please apply!

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