Story | 01/23/2018 07:10:00

China became interested in Responsible Fibre

Values have changed and sustainability demands have increased in China, which is also evident in the copy paper market. Consumers used to choose products on the grounds of price and quality, but now they are also interested in responsible fibre.

China’s modernisation was once characterised by fast growth at the expense of environmental considerations. Times have changed, and topics such as sustainability are now high on the agenda not just in corporate boardrooms, but in companies and government agencies across China.

The change is also evident in the copy paper market. The sustainable fibre used in paper production has become an increasingly important factor, whereas earlier clients and consumers have mostly paid attention to the price and quality of products.

“Responsible Fibre is perfectly timed – the central government are discussing how to improve the environment, and in the past six months this has become a major topic. Even five years ago this would not have been discussed here in China. People feel that we understand their needs”, says UPM Area Sales Director for China, Eddie Chan.

Trademark guarantees responsibility of UPM Jetset copy papers

The recently re-branded UPM Jetset copy paper line represents responsibility, Nordic quality and safety, which are also gaining interest in Asia. UPM Jetset office papers are now carrying UPM's proprietary "Responsible Fibre" trademark with the most demanding third-party verified environmental and social responsibility criteria in the industry.

The criteria cover the whole life cycle of the product. They include responsible sourcing, sustainable forest management, low-emission production processes, transparent performance, non-use of harmful substances, certified environmental management systems, safe and healthy working environments, and social responsibility.

“UPM is one of the few companies that are focusing on developing responsible brands, and that makes a huge difference to our customers. People are looking for sustainable alternatives - and we can offer unique choices for them”, notes Eddie Chan.

Consumers appreciate sustainable development

Cai Yu is one of the pleased end-users who have switched to UPM Jetset papers. He is the Secretary of the Board at a wind-powered electrical utility company.

“The environmentally friendly concept of UPM is aligned with our company’s pursuit of going green. Sustainability is a long-term environ-mental cause, and I hope UPM can continue to support it.” Xie Jingling is an employee at a certification organisation, so he is familiar with sustainability-related certificates.

“FSC is a good certification system. Through FSC, I came to know UPM – especially the UPM Jetset brand. For me, UPM Jetset is a symbol of high quality.”

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