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  • Summer workers are trusted, and the innovative atmosphere came as a surprise
Story | 12/12/2017 13:19:00

Summer workers are trusted, and the innovative atmosphere came as a surprise

Annika Pajula came to UPM’s IT Services for Raflatac team as a summer worker last May, and she has continued in her absorbing IT job as a part-time employee. “I’m interested in usability, and my job has given me a good introduction to it.”

It’s easy for a an employer to give responsibility to summer workers who are ambitious and can work independently. Annika Pajula seems to have a strong drive towards project work that requires precision. She joined the Service and Deploy Management team under UPM’s IT Services for Raflatac.

“In my summer job, I led the UPM Raflatac application documentation project, which had a team of 20 people. We collected technical data and documentation about how different applications are used.”

Annika’s job was to do research on the usability of different applications. Based on her findings, she made suggestions about how to further improve usability. Annika also gave usability trainings for her colleagues.

Her days as a summer worker were very flexible, and no two days were alike. Annika kept track of the documentation project, did quality control, and cheered people on. She also took advantage of the option to work remotely.

An innovative employer trusts their employees

Annika, who has a vocational qualification in information technology, continued her studies at the Tampere University of Technology. When she came to work for Raflatac, she already had 1,5 years of work experience in IT. Her employer gave her a good deal of responsibility right from the start.

“This is reflected in one of UPM’s core values, “Trust to be trusted”. People are very independent and the basic assumption is that everyone does their own job.”

There were, however, some surprises as well:

“I was positively surprised how innovative and open to change the general atmosphere was, and how modern and relaxed the company is. There isn’t too much bureaucracy, unlike in many other large businesses.”

The work has been a good introduction to usability, a subject that Annika also hopes to work with in the future. She encourages summer workers to apply to work for UPM: “You get to put your skills into use, and don’t have to just twiddle your thumbs.”

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Saara Pakarinen