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A 20-year tradition of guiding the biodiversity

Biodiversity has been one key element in UPM's forestry and wood sourcing strategy for more than 20 years. UPM’s biodiversity programme aims to maintain and increase biodiversity in forests as well as promote best practices in sustainable forestry and wood sourcing.

“It is great that maintaining biodiversity plays such an important role in UPM's strategy. I hope that UPM's example also encourages other companies to include ecosystem services in their environmental responsibility themes and to see the opportunities offered by new nature-based solutions in their business strategies", says Timo Tanninen, Director General, Ministry of the Environment.

Biodiversity supports ecosystem services including air quality, climate, water purification, pollination, preventing erosion and raw material provision. Preserving biodiversity will help to support adaptation to potential impacts on climate change. It is also important for maintaining the health and strength of wildlife populations.

Co-operation with stakeholders

UPM has also enhanced a new working culture by actively taking part in various species and habitat projects in co-operation with stakeholders.

For example, the population levels of species favouring fire habitats have declined in recent years due to efficient fire control and fire-free modern silviculture in Finland, UPM is carrying out a project that aims to increase the quantity and quality of forest areas that have been subject to fire.

The impacts of the controlled burns will be studied in co-operation with researchers. Early results show that many rare and threatened fire dependent species can inhabit newly burnt areas in commercial forests.

This work has helped to create long-term value and established a tangible competitive advantage. Wood from sustainably managed forests forms the solid basis for UPM’s daily work as biodiversity targets are very closely integrated into the research and forestry operations.

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Vesa Puoskari