Innovative products from residues, sidestreams and waste

Circular economy is not just about sustainability, but creating innovative products with innovative technology. It helps us to innovate renewable and recyclable products. We also develop value-adding smart solutions based on the circular economy model.


​Many of our products are made of residues, sidestreams and waste generated during traditional production processes. Get to know them:


Biofuels, like wood-based renewable diesel and renewable naphtha for transportation. Biofuels are frontrunners in quality, usability and sustainability.

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UPM Biocomposites combine cellulose fibres and polymers into new high-performance products and materials. UPM ProFi biocomposite, main raw material of which is recycled paper and plastic that is manufacturing surplus from UPM's self-adhesive label materials production.


UPM ProFi celebrates 10 years as a circular pioneer

Recovered paper

UPM is the world’s largest user of recovered paper in the graphic paper industry.

Ash products

Ash products are generated as a residue of biomass burning. They are used as soil stabilisers, alkaline replacement and forest fertilisers, among others.

  • UPM Cinerit, Elurit, Filurit
  • Soil stabilisation, alkaline replacement, special building materials
  • Forest fertilizer: Ash raw material provided for Ecolan

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