Innovative ecodesign boosts circular economy


Circular economy is not just about saving the world and fighting climate change, but about creating new business and increasing our competitiveness. Circular economy brings together solutions to increase resource efficiency, reduce costs and develop new innovative products.

Share of ecolabelled


Restricted substances on UPM´s own Restricted Chemical List

over 6000

Approved patent applications in 2016



We utilise best available techniques to reduce our own waste or residues and reuse them in innovative products and value-adding solutions. This is based on the circular economy model in which materials and value circulate.

Many of our new products are made of residues, sidestreams and waste generated during existing production processes. By developing new technologies and businesses we expand our future portfolio.

Ecodesign ensures sustainability

Sustainability starts from the design of the product. Product stewardship is UPM’s top priority – our approach covers the entire value chain from design stage to end products and their reuse.

For the past 20 years, we have used the lifecycle inventory (LCI) as a guideline in product and process development. To further increase the sustainability of our products, we have adopted the concept of ecodesign. It guarantees that environmental impacts from design stage to end-use are minimised already during the design process.


Henkel´s label waste goes beyond the bin

Assessing the lifecycle of a wine bottle

Proven sustainability

We provide our customers with easy access to information on the sustainability of our products and supply chain by offering product declarations and environmental data for most of our products.

Third-party-verified environmental certifications and labels are a way of proving and communicating the environmental quality of our products and solutions.

  • Our products have been granted several ecolabels, which support customers in their choices and provide essential information for stakeholders.
  • 84% of wood and wood fibre used at UPM is certified.
  • 100% of our production sites have certified environmental management systems.

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