​​​​​Leading at UPM

Achieving our ambitious targets requires high performing people and teams to drive business transformation. We aim to have inspiring leaders who empower and engage employees at all levels.

Leading at UPM
Leading at UPM
Leading at UPM

We invest in developing and measuring our leadership capabilities. The leadership triangle shows the three key cornerstones of leadership: leading business, leading people and leading oneself. At the heart of this triangle are our values; Renew with courage, Trust and be trusted and Achieving together. We need to demonstrate these values visibly in our leadership. This means leading through value-based behaviours and encouraging others to do so.

UPM Careers leading

We expect the following capabilities from UPM leaders:

  • Dealing with complexity
  • Developing vision & strategy and enabling successful implementation
  • Engaging others
  • Delivering success and developing talent

Based on these capabilities, UPM has a development programme portfolio for leaders. This portfolio includes leadership programmes, tailored training and coaching relationships. UPM also has a mentoring programme for leaders.

We use various tools for feedback on behaviour and performance, from questionnaires to self-assessment tools. The aim is to improve dialogue and the feedback culture at the company.

Management systems and processes

UPM uses several metrics and indicators, including the annual Employee Engagement Survey (EES), follow-up of safety and absence indicators and occupational health checks in line with national legal requirements.

We set individual strategy-related targets and development plans for all employees at a global level. Our Performance Development Discussions provide an opportunity, both for managers and employees, to give and receive feedback on performance and individual development.​​​​