​​​​​Developing together

We aim to provide a safe and inspiring working environment where employees are capable of achieving good results. We encourage employees to pursue professional growth and support to develop their skills further. Our work is all about contributing to UPM strategy and results. A culture of empowerment, target orientation and performance is important to us. We are proud of the work we do.

Developing together at UPM
Developing together at UPM

Safety at our workplace is a priority. We have safe and responsible ways of working. We want to ensure that neither our employees nor contractors are subjected to any risks when working at UPM premises. We support all employees in achieving a good work-life balance with a focus on health, wellbeing and flexible working. We work in close co-operation with employees and occupational health services to support the continuous improvement of our employees’ health, quality of life and ability to perform.

We want to offer opportunities to develop

At UPM we believe that experiences from different tasks, projects, roles or geographies are great building blocks for individual development and for creating a wider perspective on business. Various developmental opportunities also enhance learning both at an individual and at an organisational level. Internal transfers, job rotation, working on challenging projects and assignments, for example, therefore form an integral part of our 70/20/10 learning philosophy.

Developing our capabilities continuously also maximises our chances of taking on new responsibilities and fulfilling our longer term aspirations. Dialogue about performance and development, including individuals’ motivations and aspirations, forms the basis for professional growth.

UPM also offers various work-related training. To succeed in the job, the skills and competencies required can be enhanced through training. Employees can evaluate their training needs and draw up training plans together with their supervisors. The supervisors provide more information on training and training programmes.

Active participation and doing things together

Employee engagement and active participation in the workplace are of paramount importance to UPM’s success. Employee engagement shows how we thrive at work and how we are committed to the employer and motivated to do our best for the benefit of ourselves and the organisation.

In our work we like to have clear targets and performance expectations, get regular feedback and have opportunities to learn and grow. Understanding the bigger picture; vision, strategy and targets and how these link to our targets, plays a big role. We also want to ensure effective co-operation with our peers at work.

Rewarding and recognising good performance

A job well done deserves recognition. UPM offers rewards and recognition based on good performance. We have a total compensation approach consisting of the base salary plus benefits and incentives, which are determined by UPM’s global rules, local legislation and market practice.

At UPM we use the Total Rewards approach. This means that rewards and recognition are worth much more than money. This encompasses all of the elements that makes us motivated in our work and motivated to perform well in our daily tasks. Rewards and recognition may mean different things for us. We take into account both tangible and intangible reward elements to ensure a competitive and motivating rewards and recognition package for all UPM employees.