Working at UPM

We work with renewable and recyclable raw materials and add value through high technology and innovation. Our Biofore strategy forms the cornerstone of the company transformation. And it is the people that make this happen.

We live by our values – Trust and be trusted, Achieve together, Renew with courage.

We say what we do and do what we say. We work sustainably with renewable materials. Ethical conduct is important wherever we operate. We want to be a responsible member of the communities in which we operate and engage locally.

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Our 19,100 people work in 46 countries across six continents. UPM complies with international, national and local laws and regulations and respects international agreements on human and labour rights and freedom of association. We abide by legally binding collective agreements. We respect the privacy of employees and promote equal opportunities and objectivity in employment and career development.

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UPM's personnel by area

UPM promotes active participation and continuous dialogue. The forms of participation and dialogue vary from one workplace to another but include personnel briefings, team meetings, team days, workshops, surveys and safety walks. We put great focus on sharing best practices.

The annual UPM Employee Engagement Survey (EES) gathers feedback from UPM employees across the company. The results serve as a good basis for discussion within the teams about our work and work environment. Based on the results and discussions, areas for further development can be defined. By putting development plans into action together, we can make UPM a better place to work.

UPM’s Code of Conduct serves as a guideline for our everyday actions and for making decisions, be they big or small. The Code of Conduct is complemented by more detailed policies, rules and guidelines, and training on these documents is provided regularly.