Lucía, Laboratory Analyst, Uruguay

I work as a laboratory analyst in the ​​fiber line area - one of the units that divides the process laboratory - at the UPM Fray Bentos pulp mill. In this area, physicochemical analysis is carried out from the raw material (chips) to the final product (cellulose). I also perform tasks related to the quality control of the final product, customer service support, trial support, and new projects.

The activity starts at 8am and depending on the day of the week we organize our team according to the tasks. Usually, the work is very dynamic and the tasks we carry out differ. Half past eight we hold a morning meeting with all the members of the laboratory and in are informed bout the current situation of the mill. Around midday, the team takes a break for lunch. In the afternoon we continue with our tasks and leave at 5pm.

UPM is my first work experience and I have not stopped learning. It is a great company which handles incredible technologies, values ​​the opinion of its employees, and is responsible when it comes to ensuring safety. Our team is unique.