Julia, Customer Service Manager, UPM Raflatac

I started as a Customer Service Coordinator at UPM Raflatac Polish market in 2008. Now I manage a team of 16 customer service professionals from Poland, Czech Republic, Balkans, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Austria, and Switzerland. I think customer service is a crucial department for the company because the team has a big responsibility of how customers perceive UPM Raflatac.

Happy and motivated people are a key to excellent service. Taking care of the work-life balance is important to stay motivated. For me it means being able to be present in the moment, at work and at home.

I am proud of where I work. Thanks to outstanding people around me in the company, I have learned a lot and I can continue growing. Extensive training programs help me develop and learn. UPM values; Renew with Courage, Trust and be Trusted and Achieve Together, are present in everyday life. What I like the most about this work is that we really act and achieve as a team.

I believe in future beyond fossils and I think that is very remarkable about our company. We care of our people and deliver sustainable solutions that will benefit the society going forward.