Jue, Senior Environmental Specialist

I am responsible for sustainability marketing and communications and ensure that our stakeholders  learn about UPM's responsibility and our sustainable and safe products. My goal is to make sure that UPM is recognized as a global industry leader in sustainability, creating a competitive advantage that will foster our business.

The best part of my position is that there is no “typical” day at work. While I have some routine work, the most important part is to innovate how we can better utilize our sustainability advantage and create value. I work together with my mill colleagues to ensure that our sustainability performance is always improving so that UPM maintains its industry leader position. I also communicate our sustainability advantages, for example the fact that we provide proactive environmental services, such as training on sustainability issues, to our customers. 

I love nature and I want to make our environment a better place to live, which is why I chose to study environmental sciences in China and forestry sciences in Finland. Working for UPM with sustainability issues is a perfect match for my knowledge, interests and personal goals. The company has a Nordic culture which has a sense of calmness to it and which promotes equality. UPM is the sustainability leader in the world, and we have a very professional environment team, from headquarters to the mills. They have taught me a lot about sustainability during my time at UPM.