Joni, Senior Business Support Specialist, Germany

I work in a Global Sourcing organization for Communication and Specialty Papers. I am a Senior Business Support Specialist focusing on sourcing and procurement processes area and I am currently located in Augsburg, Germany. Our team is responsible for the procurement processes within our global procurement system.

My typical workday includes supporting our key users, developing and designing our processes and communicating the changes and new features among our global key user network. As the procurement system is global and our main stakeholders inside the company are located all over the world, I work quite lot with Skype. Of course sometimes, for example when we are rolling out some bigger development which needs testing, face-to-face meetings are needed and hence I get to travel to support our mills onsite.

Especially as a young UPMer, I think the best thing about working in UPM is to be able to work with such experienced and talented colleagues around the world. I also like the growth mindset and the aiming higher culture inside UPM which, in my opinion, have been some key factors of enjoying my time working here. I also think that it is great to have so many different future opportunities within one single company.