A responsible route to higher living standards

Around the world, people are living longer and wealthier. In Asia Pacific alone, the middle class is expected to expand by 2 billion people by 2030. The growing consumption sets high demands for companies operating in various industries. Responsible business conduct, resource-efficiency and the innovative use of renewable and recyclable bio-based materials is the responsible route to a sustainable future.



Pulp adds value throughout the value chain

Pulp is the perfect, renewable material for meeting the growing demand for daily necessities from hygiene products to packaging. Thanks to its versatility it can be used also in countless other end uses ranging from cosmetics and clothing to foodstuffs and even pharmaceuticals. Pulp-based products can be used to replace fossil-based materials in a growing number of applications.

Our pulp production is based on an integrated value chain which starts from sourcing wood from sustainably managed forests and plantations. While pulp itself ends up as multiple renewable and innovative products, so do the residues and side streams of pulp production. They can be turned into biofuels, biochemicals and bioplastics, just to name a few. Pulp mills today have a significant positive impact on local economy as the operation employs directly and indirectly hundreds of educated people at the mill sites and various sectors close to our operations.

What’s more, the production of pulp also generates bioenergy. In fact, the energy production is so high that our pulp mills contribute to the local energy supply in addition to powering the mills.



Pulp by UPM – the powerhouse of bioeconomy

Pulp is at the heart of bioeconomy and the enabler of a sustainable future. Our pulp production is based on the best available techniques and on the philosophy to create more value with less raw materials, water,
energy and environmental impact. The growing demand for pulp creates a strong interest to keep forests and plantations growing, which is why we plant 100 new trees every minute.

The positive impacts that pulp and its production have for societies in generating welfare and sustainable alternatives to fossil-based materials are remarkable.

Pulp is the powerhouse of bioeconomy.


Pulp by UPM

  • Pulp addresses the global demand for responsible and renewable solutions and products

  • Pulp production adds value throughout the value chain

  • Generates societal benefits