Move to a lighter and more sustainable future

UPM’s Renewable Functional Fillers



Demand for lighter materials in rubber and plastics industry

About 15 million tons of fossil-based and highly COintensive carbon black and silica are used annually to reinforce rubbers and plastics in tires, hoses, sealing systems and other automotive rubber and plastic applications.

Customers and regulatory bodies alike have become increasingly vocal in their calls for more sustainable alternatives. Today there are almost no renewable fillers available on the market to address those issues. Also, especially the automotive industry is trying to find ways to compensate the weight of the batteries in electric vehicles through lighter materials.



Wood-based renewable functional fillers

UPM Biochemical’s Renewable Functional Filler (RFF)  has the potential to revolutionize the rubber and plastics industry, based on an outstandingly low environmental footprint, in combination with a unique performance-profile.

RFF fillers allow producers to reach unprecedented  levels of renewable carbon in their products. RFF fillers are at least 25% to 35% lower in material density than fossil-based alternatives.  Careful compound-optimization with RFF leads to materials with good mechanical properties. Unlike alternative renewable fillers, RFF fillers are thermally stable and 100% electrically non-conductive at the same time. Furthermore, they meet the highest purity requirements (in terms of Sulphur content) and are free from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAH (carcinogenic substances).



Accelerating towards a sustainable future

Renewable Functional Fillers (RFF) are just one example of UPM’s commitment to a future beyond fossils as their feedstock is based on responsibly sourced wood from sustainably managed forests.

By replacing materials like Carbon Black and Silica with low density, non-toxic wood-based fillers, superior environmental and technical performance is possible. Choices like these ensure rubber and plastics industry can accelerate towards a lighter and more sustainable future.


UPM’s Renewable Functional Fillers (RFF)

  • Made from renewable wood-based lignin
  • Low-density, high-purity material
  • 100% electrically non-conductive
  • Low toxicity and free from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

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