UPM environmental breakfast held in Copenhagen

Archive 6.5.2010 0:00 EEST

(UPM, Helsinki, May 6, 2010) - UPM arranged an environmental breakfast on April 27th in Copenhagen. Around 20 persons representing printers, publishers, merchants and OEMs were present.

UPM's speaker was John Sanderson, Director of Global Environmental Market Support. He presented paper related issues and covered for instance the following topics:

• Sustainability
• Eco-labelling
• UPM's lifecycle approach
• Carbon footprint

John managed well to catch the audience's attention and astonished the customers with a lot of new and rectifying information. The spontaneous reaction was extremely positive and especially topics like eco-labelling and carbon footprint were appreciated.

Getting a hold on what Biofore means for paper was also found enlightening. Visitors were also asked to fill in a feedback form on the spot and this event scored really high. UPM is planning to organise similar kinds of events also in the future.