UPM stores its old films to Finland's National Audiovisual Archive

Archive 7.5.2009 0:00 EEST

(UPM, Helsinki, 7 May 2009 at 9:00) – UPM stores its old films to Finland's National Audiovisual Archive. UPM's film collection, containing altogether 584 recordings, is a gateway to Finland's cultural history. The films originate from UPM's predecessor companies who actively promoted their operations and different activities on film.

"UPM's film collection is part of the Finnish industrial heritage. The films present the change of times and values very vividly and they are valuable references to their era," says Ari Sirén, Manager, UPM's Records management.

Most of the films date from the 1960s and 1970s. The oldest film, featuring a tour around Kaukas mill, dates from 1929. The length of the films varies from 10 minutes to over an hour.

The films mainly tell about the mills and mill employees' daily life and festivities. Sports, social activities and foreign visitors play also a major role in the collection. "The state visits, like the politicians visiting Juuso Walden, President of the United Paper Mills, are highlights of the collection. The visit of the British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan to Valkeakoski in 1963 is one of the most prestigious moments recorded on the film," Sirén describes.

The films featuring social activities are important period pieces, says Sirén: "UPM's film collection contains interesting episodes, like the football games between United Paper Mills and Reed Company, as well as United Paper Mills' own sports competitions where we see the Finnish sports legend Veikko Hakulinen cross-country skiing in full speed."

Rauma-Repola's films feature launches of vessels built at company's own shipyard. The film collection contains also old, mainly United Paper Mills' advertising and news films from 1950 onwards.

By saving the films to the National Audiovisual Archive UPM wants to secure the conservation and usability of its film collection also in the future. The old films fade, dry and deteriorate without proper care. The copyrights and ownership of the films remain unchanged after archiving.

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