UPM combines innovation with knowledge of wood materials

Archive 29.4.2009 0:00 EEST

(UPM, Lahti, April 29, 2009 at 15:30) – UPM is bringing on the market a product family of thermally modified wood veneers made of high-class Finnish birch and pine veneers. UPM is one of the leading suppliers of Finnish white birch veneers for the furniture, panel and door industry. The new family of WISA®-Thermo veneers will expand the product range to darker colours.

The basic veneers are produced at UPM´s modern facilities in Finland or Russia. The range includes WISA-Thermo rotary-cut veneers and sliced WISA-Thermo pine and birch veneers. The veneers are modified with the help of heat and steam. This way veneers gain several useful properties, which can be adapted to various needs. Veneers are genuine wood without any chemical treatment.

Advantages of WISA-Thermo
"The most remarkable aesthetic properties of WISA-Thermo are the medium-to-dark colours, which are attractive in various end-uses like furniture, wall panels, doors, and so on. A silky smooth surface treatment accentuates the colour. The surface can be brushed to offer a different appearance for wall panels, for example", explains Martti Virkkunen, Sales Manager of UPM Plywood.

WISA-Thermo veneers are very stable in variable conditions of humidity, because their shrinkage or expansion is only half that of normal veneers. The average humidity of WISA-Thermo remains at 6-7 % in normal room temperatures and even when the air humidity is high.

"The resin of pine dissolves completely during modification, making WISA-Thermo pine veneers easy to sand. The dark colour also suits exterior doors, because these veneers repel moisture to some extent", says Virkkunen.

WISA wood products are manufactured from wood raw materials supplied by UPM's Finnish forest department. The wood comes from forests managed according to the principles of sustainable forestry. We adhere to strict forestry and felling policies in order to ensure that we operate in a financially, ecologically and socially sustainable way. UPM's Finnish plywood mills and veneer mill have been granted the ISO 9001 quality system certificate, ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate as well as the right to use the PEFC logo on their products.

WISA-Thermo and other WISA products for the furniture industry will be presented at the Interzum 2009 exhibition on 13–16 May. The UPM stand is in hall 5.1, aisle C no. 080.


For further information please contact:
Mr Martti Virkkunen, Sales Manager, UPM Plywood, tel. +358 40 531 7840
email: martti.virkkunen@upm-kymmene.com