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UPM Raflatac’s RFID tags provide excellent reads for Sure-Reach Records Management Sdn. Bhd.

Archive 10.12.2008 0:00 EET

(UPM Raflatac, Tampere, 10 December 2008 at 13:00) – UPM Raflatac is supplying RFID tags and the patented FlagTag™ innovation to Sure-Reach Records Management Sdn Bhd (Sure-Reach). The Malaysia-based company uses RFID tags to efficiently and reliably store, manage and retrieve cartons and documents for its customers.

Sure-Reach adds FlagTag™ innovation, a self-adhesive label with an embedded RFID tag, to all individual documents in their storage. “The FlagTag™ is an RFID label which has the antenna protruding perpendicularly from its surface. This way, the readability of the FlagTag™ is not impaired by the material or the packaging of the labelled item. This is paramount for a 100% read rate in an environment where accuracy is a competitive edge to the service provider,” says Edward Lu, Sales & Marketing Director, RFID, UPM Raflatac.

Sure-Reach also attaches RFID tags to cartons which are used to hold larger quantities of documents and can then be stored three cartons deep on a shelf. A large number of RFID tags, even the ones in the back row, can be read simultaneously without a direct line of sight with the reader.

Thanks to the new RFID system, it is now possible to perform stock-takes without pulling every carton off the shelf to read the barcode. Instead, it is enough to just wheel a stock-take cart in front of the shelves to read all the carton tags. Similarly, for receiving and shipping in the warehouse, pallets containing boxes from several customers can be passed through an RFID scanner at the doorway. The scanner identifies each box individually, including those in the middle of the stack.

Sure-Reach’s storage facility in Shah Alam has the capacity to store some 500,000 cartons and 1.1 million file folders. Automating the storage audit and retrieval processes results in faster and more efficient processes and minimizes the chance of human error. For a company providing records management services this is essential. The complete RFID solution has been developed by Hewlett-Packard.

For further information please contact:
Mr Edward Lu, RFID Sales & Marketing Director, APAC, UPM Raflatac, tel. +65 9173 0884

About UPM Raflatac
UPM Raflatac, part of UPM's Engineered Materials business group, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of self-adhesive label materials and the world’s number one producer of HF and UHF radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and inlays. UPM Raflatac has a global service network consisting of 14 factories on five continents and a broad network of sales offices and slitting and distribution terminals worldwide. UPM Raflatac employs 2,700 people and made sales of approximately EUR 1 billion (USD 1.4 billion) in 2007. Further information is available at www.upmraflatac.com.

About Sure-Reach Records Management
Sure-Reach takes the extra measures to ensure the best technologies are made available for clients’ peace of mind. The Sure-Reach RFID Records Management Centre facility in Shah Alam, Malaysia is the first such fully integrated RFID facility in Malaysia; if not the world. Supported by The SuperCourier™, documents are retrievable in the most professional and efficient manner. More information about Sure-Reach is available at www.sure-reach.com

About HP
HP, the world’s largest technology company, provides printing and personal computing products and IT services, software and solutions that simplify the technology experience for consumers and businesses. HP completed its acquisition of EDS on Aug. 26, 2008. More information about HP (NYSE: HPQ) is available at www.hp.com.