Pro Silvis medal for UPM Forest Life

Archive 6.11.2008 0:00 EET

(UPM, Helsinki, 6.11.2008) - UPM's Forest Life web site has received the Pro Silvis medal from The Finnish Forest Association. The medal is awarded to institutions for outstanding merit in promoting Finnish forestry.

”The UPM Forest Life web site is an excellently implemented interactive web service, a virtual forest, which makes modern forest management and use easily available to living rooms, class rooms and working places. Forest professionals, like the Finns in general, are known for fact based planning and implementation, but unfortunately they are also known for poor communication to customers and stakeholders. It is well accepted that the forest itself is the best place to demonstrate the principles and practices of forestry. However, there are limited possibilities for organising forest visits and this virtual forest gives us many more opportunities for communicating about everyday forest management. The worldwide use of the site and the several awards it has received prior this medal testify that UPM has succeeded" stated the board of the Finnish Forest Association as the basis for awarding the medal.

”We appreciate this honour greatly. Those who awarded us the Pro Silvis medal are leading forestry experts in Finland", said Päivi Salpakivi-Salomaa, Director, Environmental Forestry Affairs. "When planning the web site our target was to use different techniques to recreate the atmosphere of the forest and offer visitors a real forest experience. Pro Silvis tells us we have succeeded."

The UPM Forest Life web site was published in March 2006. People all over the world have found the web address www.upmforestlife.com and enjoyed exploring the forest. The site has also received recognition from many other business sectors.

For more information:
Director, Environmental Forestry Affairs, Päivi Salpakivi-Salomaa, tel. +358 400 754 748
Environment Manager, Timo Lehesvirta, tel. +358 400 752 212