UPM to increase further processing of birch plywood at Chudovo mill in Russia

Archive 8.9.2008 0:00 EEST

(UPM, Lahti, 8 September 2008) - UPM will expand the production of coated plywoods and renew the manufacturing process for base plywood at its Chudovo mill in Russia. The project will increase the processing value of plywood products and the efficiency in manufacturing process.

The modernisation doesn't have any effect on the base plywood production capacity at mill but it increases the further processing capacity to half of the production volume. The construction work will start in the beginning of 2009 and be completed in the autumn.

Chudovo plywood mill manufactures high-quality WISA birch plywood mainly for construction, transport and furniture industries. The production capacity of the mill is 100,000 cubic metres birch plywood. The majority of the production goes to export, mainly to Central European markets. About thirty percent stays in Russia to be sold by local retailers. There are about 600 employees working at the Chudovo plywood mill.