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The laying of the cornerstone of Kaukaan Voima's biofuel power plant in Lappeenranta, Finland

Archive 10.3.2008 0:00 EET

Pohjolan Voima, Lappeenrannan Energia, a city-owned power company, and UPM are building a joint power plant at UPM's Kaukas mill site in Lappeenranta, Finland. The laying of the cornerstone of the biofuel power plant took place on the 10th of March. This large building project has advanced partly ahead of schedule. The construction work was started in July, 2007 and the new plant will start up in spring 2010.

Kaukaan Voima's plant will generate process heat and electricity for UPM's Kaukas mills, and electricity and district heating for Lappeenrannan Energia Oy. Its thermal power is equivalent to about 385 MWTH and electrical power to 125 MWE. The plant's energy sources are bark and biomass i.e. logging residues, stumps and small wood from thinnings as well as peat.

The new power plant will replace the old steam power unit of Kaukas mills and majority of the energy generation capacity of Lappeenrannan Lämpövoima Oy's old Mertaniemi power plant. It will improve the security of energy supply to Kaukas mills and secure district heat supply for Lappeenranta citizens.

Governmental greetings were stated by Mr. Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister of Environment

In his speech Jari Niemelä, Chairman of the Board of Kaukaan Voima Oy, said: "I anticipate that this plant will break records and will become the biggest user of energy wood in Finland. Nearly two per cent of Finland's renewable energy will be generated in this plant.

Seppo Miettinen, Mayor of Lappeenranta, said: "Kaukaan Voima is a huge financial investment for Lappeenranta. It is by far the largest single investment in the history of the city."

Jyrki Ovaska, President of UPM Magazine Paper Division, said "Kaukaan Voima's new power plant will improve the cost efficiency of the Kaukas mill complex and secure energy supply for the plants in the future. Also, it is yet another example of UPM's determined pursue to optimize wood use and make use of biomass fuels."

"We are pleased that the plant is built as a joint construction project with Lappeenrannan Energia as it will benefit the citizens of Lappeenranta."

For further information please contact:
Mr Erkki Repo, Project Director, Kaukaan Voima, telephone +358 040 758 6990
Mr Jari Niemelä, Executive Vice President, Pohjolan Voima Oy, telephone +358 50 31
Ms Anja Silvennoinen, Senior Vice President, Energy, UPM, telephone +358 204 150 733
Mr Seppo Miettinen, Mayor of Lappeenranta, telephone +358 400 655 194
Mr Reijo Kolehmainen, Managing Director, Lappeenrannan Energia Oy, telephone +359 40 548 6360
Mr Raimo Särkelä, Vice President and General Manager, UPM, Kaukas, telephone +358 204 154 548