UPM Shelf Life Guard monitors Wigren’s modified atmosphere packaging

Archive 25.2.2008 0:00 EET

(UPM, Helsinki, February 25, 2008) – Finnish food manufacturer Yrjö Wigren will begin using UPM Shelf Life Guard in specific consumer packaging this spring. UPM Shelf Life Guard has so far been successfully tested in Wigren products at the Stockmann department store in Tampere and in Tampere University Hospital in Finland.

UPM Shelf Life Guard is a packaging label that indicates if the protective package is intact. When the label colour changes from transparent to blue, the consumer is informed that air has replaced the modified atmosphere gases within the package due to a breach or leak.

The colour change is based on the indicator’s red-ox dye reacting with oxygen between the labelling layers. UPM Shelf Life Guard is attached to the inside of the packaging so that it can be viewed through the package’s transparent outer shell.

The food industry uses modified atmosphere packaging for fresh meat, cutlets, coffee, cheeses, produce and fresh fruit. The advantages of modified atmosphere packaging are even product quality, product appearance, improved taste and nutritional values, and longer shelf-life.

Controlled or modified atmosphere packaging is a commonly used packaging format in the food industry. Air may cause the quality of a food product to deteriorate. It may result in the growth of unwanted bacterial activity, loss of colour and aroma, unsavoury odours and loss of nutritional value.

For more information and product pictures, visit www.shelflifeguard.com.

For further information, please contact:
Timo Äijälä, UPM, Venture Manager, Smart Labels, tel. +358 40 760 6210
Managing Director Juha Salonen, Yrjö Wigren Oy, tel. +358 3 312 372 00

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Yrjö Wigren in brief
Established in 1917, Yrjö Wigren Oy is one of Finland’s oldest meat processing companies. The family company employs 80 persons. In addition to a meat processing plant, the company owns two luncheon restaurants and a shop in the local market hall. The company's operations have spread from the Tampere region to the rest of Finland.