Over 100,000 forest visits to UPM´s forest

Archive 27.9.2007 0:00 EEST

(UPM, Helsinki, September 27, 2007 at 11.30) - UPM's website www.upmforestlife.com opened in March 2007 has found its way to people. The milestone of 100,000 virtual forest strolls has already been broken.

"We are glad that the site has become so popular. It has attracted visitors from all continents. According to the feed-back the visit to Finnish forest has been a unique experience as well for Frenchmen, Canadians, New Zealanders, Brazilians as many other nationalities," says Jaakko Sarantola, Senior Vice President, Forestry and Wood Sourcing.

"Continually changing, living forest offers always new angles to the visitor. We try to bring those to our visitors by updating the site regularly," says Päivi Salpakivi-Salomaa, Director, Environmental Forestry Affairs.

Latest up-dates published today is from the intensive growth in Finnish forests during summertime. The Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) has taken pictures of a growing pine daily. Now you can see the material at UPM Forest Life's section discussing forest regeneration, where you can also meet the head of our own nursery.

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