UPM Forestry and Wood Souring in Russia gains FSC Chain of Custody

Archive 21.3.2007 0:00 EET

The FSC Chain of Custody certificate has been granted to UPM-Kymmene Forest Russia by SGS Qualifor. The certificate covers all wood deliveries to UPM's mills in Russia, Estonia and Finland. The certificate is valid from 23rd February 2007.

The area of FSC certified forest in UPM's wood procurement area is limited for the moment and therefore the share of certified Russian wood in UPM's wood supply is up to 10%. All non-certified wood has fullfilled FSC controlled wood requirement.

Those UPM mills that have a certified FSC chain of Custody and use Russian wood can now report the amount of certified Russian wood in their products and consider FSC product labelling.

"The hard work and efforts of our Forestry and Wood Sourcing staff in Russia towards achieving this certificate is further evidence to our stakeholders and customers that UPM is committed to supplying only legal and sustainable timber", emphasises Mr Jaakko Sarantola, Senior Vice-President, UPM Forestry and Wood Sourcing.