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Forest management know-how begins with the seedling nursery - UPM expands seedling production

Archive 8.11.2006 0:00 EET

(UPM, Helsinki, November 8, 2006) - UPM is investing in the quality of forest regeneration and cost efficiency and is expanding the nursery at Joroinen in Finland. Good quality seedlings are the basis for successful forest regeneration and UPM wants to develop the whole chain from a seedling to a log. With the investment in the nursery at Joroinen, UPM wants to ensure the supply of high-quality seedlings for its own forests and those of its forest service customers.

"We believe that the investment in seedling production and development of forest regeneration methods will increase the productivity of the forests significantly", says Jyrki Kangas, Director, Forestry and Land Management

Construction of a new 2,000 m² plastic greenhouse and expansion of the outdoor area is underway and completion is scheduled for next spring. After completion of the investments, the nursery at Joroinen will produce 13 million seedlings a year. These seedlings will be used to regenerate about 7,000 ha of UPM's own forest land or those of the forest service customers.

The nursery at Joroinen was established in 1980. UPM has developed the nursery operations and seedling production over a long period. The techniques used at Joroinen enable the production of high quality seedlings. Spruce is the main product.

"We want to especially develop the seedling production and the cultivation of spruce as UPM uses a lot of spruce. Spruce is the species that grows well in the fresh and fertile land of Finland", tells Anne Immonen, Manager, Nursery.

The origin and quality of the seeds are the basis for seedling production. UPM uses only seeds and seedlings of domestic origin. In addition to being needed for the cultivation of seedlings, large amounts of seeds are required in forest sowing. UPM obtains part of its seeds from its own seed orchards and part is purchased from other seed producers. Seeds are also collected from the highest-quality tree stands in the company’s own forests.

When regenerating a forest it is important to achieve a productive and healthy sapling stand quickly and cost-effectively. To ensure regeneration, UPM has developed a follow-up system enabling the annual regeneration areas to be inventoried systematically a few years after planting. According to the results of the inventories, the company’s regeneration has succeeded very well.

"Based on the results of the inventories we are able to further develop forest regeneration guidelines and methods as well as seed and seedling management", explains Anne Immonen on the importance of the inventories.

UPM owns approximately 900,000 hectares of forest. Besides providing wood raw material, the company’s own forests also impart know-how about forest and forest property management. This competence is also at the disposal of UPM’s forest service customers.

For further information, please contact:
Mr Jyrki Kangas, Director, Forestry and Land Management, tel. +358 (0)204 16 3863
Ms Anne Immonen, Manager, Nursery, tel. +358 (0)204 16 0951