UPM's Kymi pulp mill operations in Kuusankoski are back to normal

Archive 31.7.2006 0:00 EEST

(UPM, Kuusankoski, July 31, 2006) – The impact of the leakage at UPM's Kymi pulp mill on July 28, 2006, on the water quality of the river Kymi remained minor and temporary. The second series of measurements conducted by the local water protection association of the river Kymi, Kymijoen vesi ja ympäristö r.y., on July 29 in the afternoon, showed that the pH value of the water was decreasing towards the normal level.

Cleaning of the damaged ground at the mill area continues. The sawdust used to absorb the alkaline cooking liquor will be disposed according to the instructions by the Environment Center of South East Finland, by burning in the Kymin Voima bio energy power plant in Kuusankoski.

The pipe burst that caused the leakage was repaired and the pipeline was tested on July 30 in the morning. Production started again at 18 hrs and the mill operations are now back to normal.

For further information, please contact:
Mr Jaakko Sutela, Safety Director, UPM, Kymi, tel. +358 400 754366
Mr Teuvo Solismaa, Mill Director, Kymi Pulp Mill, tel. +358 40 7411380