Leakage of alkaline cooking liquor at UPM's pulp mill in Kuusankoski

Archive 29.7.2006 0:00 EEST

(UPM, Kuusankoski July 29, 2006) – A leakage of alkaline cooking liquor took place in the evening of the July 28, 2006 at UPM's Kymi pulp mill in Kuusankoski in Finland. The leakage was due to a sudden break in a pipeline at the softwood pulp mill.

Measures to shut down the pulp line and to prevent any harmful impacts on the environment, i.e. ground and water, were started immediately. Due to the high temperature and caustic content of the substance immediate repair of the break was difficult. The leakage was, however, stopped before midnight.

No persons were injured in the accident.

According to preliminary estimates tens of cubic meters of alkaline cooking liquor leaked to the Kymi river through the drainage pipeline. The local water protection assiociation of the river Kymi, Kymijoen vesi ja ympäristö r.y., has started to monitor the condition of the Kymi river. No harmful impacts on the river have occurred so far.

Preventive measures to minimise the impact of the alkaline substance on the ground continue.

UPM's Kymi mill and the local authorities are giving regular updates of the situation.

For further information please contact:
Mr Jaakko Sutela, Safety Director, Kymi telephone +358 400 754 366
Mr Teuvo Solismaa, Mill Director, Kymi pulp mill, telephone +358 40 7411380