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  • Ministry of Environment confirms to UPM that Riponeva logging does not harm siberian jay population

Ministry of Environment confirms to UPM that Riponeva logging does not harm siberian jay population

Archive 3.12.2004 0:00 EET

Metsähallitus, the state enterprise that administers state-owned land in Finland, recently completed logging operations in the area of Riponeva near Virrat in Central Finland. Some environmental groups were demanding an end to the logging in order to protect the Siberian Jay (Perisoreus infaustus) and have claimed that UPM is using wood from areas of concern.
The wood supply contract between UPM and Metsähallitus is made annually and covers deliveries per mill and timber assortment. Metsähallitus, as the forest manager, identifies the harvesting areas and restrictions that are applied. As part of the normal working process, Metsähallitus informed UPM of its plans to supply wood from the Riponeva area.

UPM adheres to legislation and guidelines set by the authorities as well as to its own environmental guidelines and require the same from all of its suppliers, including Metsähallitus.

According to its own environmental policy, UPM does not accept wood from sites which have been notified by the authorities to be excluded from felling. When the nature values of the Riponeva area were questioned, UPM decided not to receive wood from the area until the Ministry of the Environment verified the areas nature values. The Ministry of the Environment is responsible for species protection in Finland.

Based on a statement received from the Ministry of the Environment, UPM decided to accept the wood logged from the Riponeva area. UPM trusts that in Riponeva, Metsähallitus acted in accordance with the law and guidelines set by the authorities. The Ministry of the Environment has also proposed actions for Metsähallitus which focus on the current situation and future development of Siberian Jay populations in southern Finland.

UPM would also like to confirm that it strongly supports dialogue processes such as the METSO programme for enhancing biodiversity in southern Finland and the Metsähallitus stakeholder dialogue in northern Finland.

See attached factsheet for additional information or contact:
Mr Timo Lehesvirta, UPM, Environment Manager, Forestry and Wood Sourcing, Finland
tel. +358 400752212
Mr Robert Taylor, UPM, Customer Communications Manager, Environmental Forestry Affairs
tel. +358 40 5148866