UPM awaits Ministry of Environment position on Riponeva area nature values

Archive 1.12.2004 0:00 EET

Metsähallitus has informed UPM about its plans to supply wood from the Riponeva area to UPM's mills. UPM is waiting for the Ministry of Environment to verify the nature values of the area located in Virrat, central Finland. Several Finnish environmental organisations, with reference to the protection of the Siberian Jay, have questioned Metsähallitus harvesting operations in the Riponeva area.

The wood supply contract between UPM and Metsähallitus, a state enterprise that administers state-owned land in Finland, is made annually and covers deliveries per mill and timber assortment. Metsähallitus itself identifies the harvesting areas.

In its operations, UPM adheres to legislation and guidelines set by the authorities as well as its to own environmental guidelines. UPM requires the same from its suppliers, including Metsähallitus. UPM trusts that in Riponeva, Metsähallitus is acting in accordance with the law and guidelines set by the authorities.

In Finland, the protection of specific species is defined by law. The law does not cover near threatened species like the Siberian Jay.

For further information please contact Timo Lehesvirta, Enviromental Manager, Forestry and Wood Sourcing, Finland, tel. +358 204 16 3794 or +358 400 752 212

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30 November, 2004