WISA-Multifloor is a durable and attractive floor solution

Archive 1.6.2004 0:00 EEST

UPM has completed its WISA wood product range for the transport equipment industry. WISA-Multifloor is a special durable, attractive plywood suiting transportation as well as building purposes.

WISA-Multifloor plywood panels are coated with durable plastic with an embossed pattern that stands up well to weather fluctuations and UV radiation. The product also has excellent traction and stiffness characteristics.

Floor panels are manufactured as black and grey panels with two different surface patterns. WISA-Multifloor has been designed as a flooring material for delivery vans but it can also be used for a wide variety of other purposes, such as grandstand floors and playground equipment.

The floor is easily cleaned with water and ordinary detergents. The coating is flexible and won’t crack. On request, WISA-Multifloor can also be supplied as CNC and/or edge machined, ready-to-install flooring components.

1 June, 2004
UPM, Wood Products Division