Nearly 80 per cent of claimants have accepted Kaukas compensation proposals

Archive 19.3.2004 0:00 EET

By March 18, 2004, some 350 land owners or claimants have approved the compensation proposals for last summer's effluent emissions. UPM has sent compensation proposals to some 450 landowners or claimants. The total number of the claimants is about 800. The first payments of compensations to over 200 recipients of indemnity were made on March 15, and the next ones will be due on March 22.

Following further clarifications, new compensation proposals have been sent to, for example, cottage owners on leased estates. The deadline for accepting these proposals is mid April.

Samples of the lake waters collected last week by the Saimaa Water Protection Association confirm that the lake system is in a good condition. According to some water quality parameters even better than last winter.

UPM, Kaukas
March 19, 2004