UPM Kaukas' environmental investments get a go-ahead

Archive 8.12.2003 0:00 EET

UPM has approved for implementation an investment programme aimed at meeting the future environmental demands of UPM's Kaukas mills. The total investment cost will amount to nearly five million euros. The investments will further contribute to improving Kaukas' operations and keeping the equipment in a top condition.

The investment programme comprises the following rebuilds:
a new 5000 m3 spill liquor tank for the pulp mill's evaporation plant
the new tank will increase the spill liquor tank volume required in exceptional situations.
a separate emergency drain pipe from the pulp mill to the emergency basin at the effluent treatment plant
the emergency drain pipe will lead accidental releases, if any, to the emergency basin.
a bio-sludge discharge system (a centrifuge) for disposal of excess bio-sludge
the discharge equipment will ensure the operation of the effluent treatment plant as the amount of primary sludge decreases and the amount of bio-sludge increases. Thickened bio-sludge will be led to incineration.
a fourth compressor for the aeration basin
the compressor will ensure adequate oxygen levels in the aeration basin.
a collection and discharge system for dust from the lime kiln's electrostatic precipitators
the discharge system for inert fine fractions contained in the flue gases from the lime kiln will decrease the phosphorus load into the effluent treatment plant.
more conductivity, pH, and COD meters for the pulp mill
a 5000 m3 storage tower for coated broke for paper mill line 1
the new tower will decrease raw material losses in the paper mill thus improving the operation of the primary clarifier at the effluent treatment plant.

The spill liquor tank and the drain pipe will be completed by mid June 2004 and the rest of the investments by end August.

In the past ten years, Kaukas has invested 50 million euros in environmental protection. The amount includes, for example, investments in air pollution control, wastewater treatment, landfill site, and waste management. Annual operating costs resulting from environmental protection are nearly 2 million euros.

For further information please contact:
Mr Harry Sundqvist, Vice President & Managing Director, tel. +358 204 15 4548
Mr Esa Simpura, Environmental Manager, tel. +358 204 15 4244

December 8, 2003