Customer Satisfaction Research - UPM Label Papers is moving in the right direction

Archive 14.3.2003 0:00 EET

The customer satisfaction research that started last autumn has now been completed. We warmly thank all the participants who answered the questionnaire, contributing to the success of this project.
The purpose of this study was to measure our clients' satisfaction/dissatisfaction with the products and services of UPM Label Papers and to find areas of improvement for the future development of UPM Label Papers. The results have been compared with the previous survey conducted in year 2000.

The customers' overall satisfaction with UPM Label Papers has not changed in the past two years. However, significant improvements can be noted for some specific matters. The areas that have been bettered are exactly the ones where improvements were required by our customers in the previous survey. This indicates that the customers' suggestions and requests are taken into the highest consideration and that UPM Label Papers is moving in the right direction.

In comparison with the previous survey, the commercial issues reached a considerably higher score. Customers were asked about the UPM Label Papers approach with regard to price notification, negotiations, payment terms, invoicing and documentation etc. The improved result on these issues shows that the relationship with our customers is increasingly based on long-term business and partnership.

Communication is another area that has improved significantly compared with the last survey. In addition, customers expressed their wish to have technical seminars more frequently and to receive more information on new developments: a request which we have already started to work on.

A very high score was given to our sales personnel (the sales representatives, technical personnel and internal sales personnel) and to the delivery service. The satisfaction expressed by our customers is the greatest reward for us in our daily effort to always give the best service and to offer the best solutions in critical situations. It is an important encouragement for the whole Label Papers team.

Customers indicated the necessity of improvement in broadening the product range and in the development of new products. We are taking this request as a new challenge. We are confident that we are able to meet the needs expressed by our customers and to offer them the very best products and services.