Tracing the origin of imported wood from Russia

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The origin of raw materials and the entire production history of different products are of increasing interest for consumers as well as all other stakeholders of companies involved in the production process of specific products. The paper producers and the publishers of printed products are frequently facing the fact that people want to know from where the main raw material, the wood, used in the paper of the magazines, newspapers or catalogues comes from.

The increasing interest on the origin of wood initiated a joint project between Otto Versand, a mail order company, Axel Springer Verlag, a newspaper and magazine publisher, and UPM-Kymmene, a paper producer, to make the paper supply chain more transparent to all the stakeholders. The result of this major joint project is the report, Tracing Russian Wood Imports, published today. This report and the related web site shows how UPM-Kymmene monitors wood deliveries from Russia. The web site offers an unique opportunity to the end-user to follow UPM-Kymmene's wood procurement system and trace the origin of the wood supplied from Russia.

UPM-Kymmene imports some 13 % of the wood used at its Finnish paper mills from Russia. The report gives a first hand overview of general conditions and forest management procedures in Russia. It also includes critical reviews of UPM-Kymmene's tracing system for the origin of the wood from two important Russian stakeholders, represented by the official State Forest Administration and Greenpeace Russia. The report also includes an assessment of the system by the independent auditor Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

UPM-Kymmene is committed to implementing the principles of sustainability and to minimising the environmental impacts in wood procurement. Equally important are product quality, cost efficient processes, responsibility of operations and awareness of society's and shareholders views. The project partners Otto Versand and Axel Springer Verlag share this principle and the joint project is a part of the efforts for improvement and innovation as well as the necessary dialogue on sustainability along the paper chain.

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October 1, 2001