The world's first PEFC-certfied products from Schauman Wood Lahti to Holland

Archive 21.11.2000 0:00 EET

As the first plywood producer in the world, Schauman Wood Oy, a part of UPM-Kymmene Group, delivered on Tuesday 21 November, 2000 a lot of PEFC-labelled products to a Dutch customer in Lahti. In October 2000, Schauman Wood was granted the right to use the PEFC logo. Now the company was able to deliver the first WISA plywood products complying with the PEFC requirements. The first products labelled with PEFC logo are WISA plywoods destined to RET Jongeneel in Holland and all parquet plywoods manufactured by Schauman Wood.

The building materials importer and distributor chain RET Jongeneel is the biggest customer of Schauman Wood Pellos mills. Most panels delivered to RET Jongeneel will be used for building industry. "Both industrial customers and consumers are already asking for certified wooden products. PEFC-certified panel products made by Schauman Wood are a response to the needs of the European market", says Peter van Beek, the Managing Director of Schauman Wood B.V., the sales unit responsible for Benelux.

In addition to the certification of forest, the right to use PEFC logo also calls for the certification of the chain of custody indicating the origin of wood raw material. This means the route of wood all the way from a forest through transportation and processing to finished product. All wood raw material used by Schauman Wood is supplied by UPM-Kymmene Forest division, which has also the right to use the PEFC logo.

Schauman Wood applies what is called the input/output method to determine the amount of certified wood used in the production process. At the moment, Schauman Wood is able to use PEFC logo for about one third of production, which is the average proportion of wood raw material originating from certified forests. As soon as the proportion of certified wood gradually exceeds 70 %, Schauman Wood can start using PEFC logo in all products.

The Finnish Forest Certification Scheme (FFCS) was introduced last year and received the endorsement of the Pan-European Forest Certification scheme (PEFC) in spring 2000. For the moment, over two thirds of the Finnish forests (about 15 million hectares) have been certified according to the FFCS. By the end of this year, the proportion of certified forest land in Finland is expected to be more than 90 %.

UPM-Kymmene supports the mutual recognition of different international forest certification schemes and approves forest certification schemes used in other countries under the following conditions: the certification standard is based on the principles of sustainable forestry, the certification standard is approved by an internationally accepted certification body, the certification standard has been chosen on the basis of an open national development process and the approval by the various parties, the certification system is cost efficient, and both the forest owners and the forest industry participate in the administration of the certification system.

Schauman Wood Oy is the biggest plywood manufacturer in Europe. The majority of WISA plywoods made by Schauman Wood have been developed for the needs of construction and transportation industries. The Schauman Wood policy is one of continual and vigorous development.. The company is a part of UPM-Kymmene Wood Products division, which will invest 500 million FIM in total in developing competitiveness. This amount includes for example the renovation and development of Pellos plywood mills in Ristiina. In 1999, UPM-Kymmene Wood Products produced nearly 2 million cubic metres of sawn goods and about 730,000 cubic metres of plywood. The turnover in 1999 amounted to 7,722 million FIM. The division employs 6,700 people.

The building materials importer and distributor chain RET /Royal Jongeneel is the biggest in its trade in Benelux countries. Its annual imports exceed 300,000 cubic metres of panel products from different manufacturers around the world. The company is a part of the Royal Jongeneel Group, which is trading in sawn goods and building materials and accumulating an annual turnover of over 700 million euro. The Royal Jongeneel group with their head office in Utrecht is a part of Deli Universal NV, Rotterdam.

For further information:
Arto Juvonen, Managing Director, Schauman Wood Oy, tel. +358 204 15 6408,
mobile +358 400 557 035
Olav Henriksén, Vice President, International Forest Affairs, UPM-Kymmene Corporation,
tel. +358 204 15 0052, mobile +358 400 362 391