Proposal on the composition of the Board of Directors of UPM-Kymmene Corporation

Archive 17.3.1999 0:00 EET

The nomination committee set by the UPM-Kymmene Board of Directors will propose to the Annual General Meeting to be held on Tuesday, 23 March, 1999 that two new members will be elected to the Board, Mr. Anton Lenstra, Unilever, Belgium and Carl H. Amon III, White & Case, USA.
Aged 50, Mr. Anton Lenstra is a Dutchman and Executive Vice President of Unilever Home and Personal Care Europe. His earlier responsibilities include expansion of Unilever operations to Taiwan and China in the 1990's.
Aged 56, Mr. Carl H. Amon III is the citizen of the United States and a Partner in the White & Case global law firm. He has been working at White & Case for 30 years. He concentrates in international commercial and financial transactions.
The present member of the Board of Directors, Mr. Casimir Ehrnrooth has earlier announced that he is not available in re-election of the Board members. He has been member of the UPM-Kymmene Board of Directors since the establishment of the company from 1996.
The nomination committee proposes that otherwise the Board of Directors remains at its present composition. i.e. Mr. L.J. Jouhki, Managing Partner of Thom Companies; Mr. Jouko K. Leskinen, President and CEO, Sampo Group; Mr. Tauno Matomäki, Doctor of Technology h.c.; Mr. Juha Niemelä, President and CEO of UPM-Kymmene Corporation; Mr. Jorma Ollila, President and CEO, Nokia Corporation; Mr. Gustaf Serlachius, Chairman of the Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation; Mr. Vesa Vainio, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MeritaNordbanken Pls and Mr. Iiro Viinanen, President, Pohjola Group.