Marketing of speciality papers

Archive 29.3.1996 0:00 EET

Speciality papers, cartonboard and some composite materials within UPM-Kymmene will be marketed in Europe through a separate network of sales companies which mainly serves paper converters. A dedicated sales network emphasizes our group´s leading market position in raw materials for packaging, labels and envelopes.
The sales companies will take care of the duties, which were for our part handled by Finnpap speciality papers, Finnboard, Kymmene and our business units´ own sales companies.
UPM Pack will be in charge of establishing and controlling the network. The mills operate within agreed strategies directly with the sales companies and corresponding sales persons.
The name of the sales companies in European markets will be UPM Pack. The companies are located mainly in the same buildings as UPM-Kymmene paper divisions´ sales companies. The companies in each country will co-operate in local administration and EDP systems.
In the markets, where the role of speciality papers is limited, the marketing is done jointly with UPM Pack converted products. In certain markets the product range comprises also composite materials from Walki Wisa and Lohjan Paperi. At the moment no structural changes will be made in the Benelux countries and Sweden.
Other details country by country, appointments and time tables will be informed later in each country. In the same connection some regional exceptions to the product portfolio will be informed.
So far the following managing directors have been appointed to the sales companies (the chairman in parentheses):
* Nicholas Burrows, Great Britain, offices in Maidenhead and Manchester (Jussi Toikka)
* Jaakko Haakana, Germany, Frankfurt (Jussi Toikka)
* Bruno Porro, Italy, Milan (Jussi Toikka)
* Kari Laukkarinen, France, offices in Paris, Epernon and Lyon (Ari Rinkinen)
* Ilkka Kantanen, Norway, Tranby (Ari Rinkinen)
* Atte Markkanen, Switzerland, Zürich (Ari Rinkinen)
* Paavo Sillanpää, Poland, Warsaw (Ari Rinkinen)
* Paavo Korhonen, Czech, Prague (Ari Rinkinen)
* Markku Peltola, Hungary, Budapest (Ari Rinkinen)