Finnpap members agree on marketing arrangements

Archive 19.1.1996 0:00 EET

UPM-Kymmene to take over Finnpap
Joint marketing within the framework of the Finnish paper marketing association Finnpap will be wound up by the end of 1996.
The owners of Finnpap have agreed the following: Finnpap's marketing network will thus be transferred to UPM-Kymmene and the combined Finnpap/Kymmene network will serve the marketing of UPM-Kymmene.
Metsä-Serla and Myllykoski Paper will together establish a sales network within Metsä-Serla to market their paper. Separate bulletins concerning this matter will be distributed by these companies.
The main reason for this change is the merger of United Paper Mills and Kymmene, and the consequent competitive position in the market.
Metsä-Serla, Myllykoski and UPM-Kymmene will continue service and logistics operations in Transfennica, which is one of the leading shipping companies in Finland, as well as in the service companies. These companies, located in the main European ports, take care of warehousing and local transports.
Metsä-Serla and Myllykoski will continue their sales operations based on Finnpap's information systems. UPM-Kymmene is to develop their solution based on the present Kymmene system.
Finnpap was founded in 1918. Last year Finnpap's international marketing network sold 5.1 million tonnes of paper worth USD 5 billion.