Actively seeking for smart solutions with lesser environmental impact

We aim to deliver more with less by continuously reducing the environmental impact of our products over the whole lifecycle. As a tool to both manage and improve our environmental performance we apply certified management systems.

We know our environmental impacts and manage them systematically

At UPM, environmental management is based on continuous identification of the environmental impact of our operations and the ambitious targets we have set for our performance. To manage and improve our environmental performance we apply certified management systems.

During the past years we have succeeded quite well in our efforts to create more with less. This is, however, not enough for us – we will continue our work to minimise our environmental impact.

We see circular-economy thinking as the business model of the future. This means replacing the current linear take-make dispose model of resource consumption with the sustainable use of renewable, recyclable resources – making more out of less.

Eco-efficient production processes

Creating more with less is our key driver for material efficiency and a response to global challenges.

Managing our impact on the environment

We work hard to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations and products throughout the entire lifecycle.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy

We favour the use of renewable and other fossil CO2-free energy sources and strive to improve our energy efficiency.

Air emissions

The majority of UPM’s airborne emissions are caused by generating energy. We actively increase the use of fossil CO2-free and neutral energy sources.

Water management

We continuously work to reduce the amount of fresh water required for our production processes.

The circular way of thinking

Reducing the amount of solid waste and increasing reuse are key objectives at all of our mills.

Permits and compliance

We comply with the local environmental permits, and report and follow-up possible deviations from permit limits.

Responsibility principles and targets

UPM's five key environmental focus areas are: product stewardship, climate, water, waste, and forests and biodiversity.
March 16, 2017

UPM Kymi pulp and paper mill at a new level of efficiency – renewable energy as a byproduct

The expansion of the UPM Kymi pulp mill strengthens UPM’s position on the growing pulp market. The investments also improve the efficiency of the entire mill integrate: the pulp and paper businesses can independently optimise their production and simultaneously benefit from mutual synergies related to energy, logistics and environmental management.