EMAS reporting at UPM pulp and paper mills

All our European pulp and paper mills, the Fray Bentos pulp mill in Uruguay and the Changshu paper mill in China are registered with the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), a voluntary environmental management system for companies and other organisations to improve, evaluate and report on their environmental performance on an annual basis.


All our European pulp and paper mills are certified in accordance with the voluntary EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

In 2012, we extended this to the Fray Bentos pulp mill in Uruguay, which became the first non-European mill to be certified by EMAS. In 2013, UPM Changshu became the first paper mill in China to be awarded EMAS registration. Our pulp and paper mills started with EMAS registration soon after the scheme was established in 1995, and have been persistent with registration ever since.

In 2018 the EMAS reporting scope was  expanded to the societal impacts. Now the pulp and paper mills´ EMAS statements provide concrete information, e.g. about our contribution to local employment, tax income and purchasing power, and examples of engagement with the communities, like collaboration with schools.

These mill-specific EMAS statements complement UPM's corporate responsibility reporting, which is integrated into the company´s annual report. We are a global company that has local impacts. That’s why we want to understand and report even better how our operations are linked to specific communities and their inhabitants. We also want to have two-way dialogue to develop those areas and peoples´ wellbeing.

All the pulp and paper mill specific EMAS statements as well as the full and updated versions of the EMAS Corporate statement can be found below. The paper mills' statements refer still to UPM Paper ENA, while as of  26th April 2018 the business area is called UPM Communication Papers.

Updated UPM Corporate Environmental Statement 2017 – pulp and paper mills

​Updated UPM Corporate Environmental Statement 2016 – pulp and paper mills

​​UPM Corporate Environmental Statement 2015  – pulp and paper mills


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The environmental performance reports of UPM's pulp mills can be found from the Certificate Finder.


The environmental performance reports of UPM's paper mills can be found from the Certificate Finder.

Previous years' reports

UPM pulp and paper mills' environmental performance reports from previous years.
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JULY 6, 2018

Our mills boost the vitality of their surrounding areas

Our mills are visible in the local landscape, and they bring economic prosperity for many families and the area. We are often one of the biggest employers and taxpayers in the locations where we operate. That’s why we want to tell people more about our impact on the local society.