​​​​​​​​​Transparency brings competitive edge

We believe in transparent reporting and provide comprehensive corporate responsibility-related information, verified by third parties, from the corporate level to the mills and individual products.

​Third-party-assured reporting highlights our sustainability efforts

UPM provides comprehensive responsibility information that has been assured by third parties from corporate level to the mills and individual products. Ecolabelled products, product declarations and certified operations are used to inform the company’s stakeholders about sustainability, transparency and risk management.

Annual report and GRI

UPM's integrated Annual Report follows Global Reporting Initiative's sustainability reporting standards (GRI standards).


The UPM Corporate Environmental Statement together with the Environmental Performance reports of pulp and paper mills comprise the global EMAS statement.

Responsibility data

UPM's interactive charting tool provides key information on environmental and social performance.

Environmental statements (EMAS) for pulp and paper

UPM has certified all of its European pulp and paper mills in accordance with the voluntary EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) since the scheme was established twenty years ago. EMAS, a voluntary environmental management system for companies and other organisations to improve, evaluate and report on their environmental performance on an annual basis, promotes legal compliance and mitigation of environmental impact on the local area.

Certificate Finder

UPM’s Certificate Finder search tool allows you to find certificates and position statements according to business and certificate categories.

Environmental declarations

Our product declarations tell our customers about the environmental performance of our products and help them make sustainable choices.

Calculating carbon footprints

UPM uses two levels of carbon accounting - corporate level and product level.

Environmental performance declarations

UPM provides detailed information on the environmental performance of a number of its products via environmental product declarations.

Carbon footprint disclosure

A carbon footprint is a method used to measure and communicate the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted both directly and indirectly in the production and delivery of goods and services. Raw materials, energy consumed and transportation are the main elements used to calculate the carbon footprint of a product.

UPM provides detailed carbon footprint information about its pulp, paper, timber and plywood products. As for pulp and paper, the information is provided together with the Paper Profiles and the Pulp product declarations.