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UPM's responsibility focus areas, targets and performance indicators cover all three areas of responsibility: economic, social, and environmental responsibility.

​Responsibility focus areas and targets steer business

Based on a materiality analysis, UPM has established a set of responsibility focus areas to guide its responsibility activities, and determined targets and performance indicators.

The responsibility focus areas, targets and performance indicators were updated in 2015. Some of the targets are continuous and some have been extended to 2030. For environmental targets, the reference year 2008 was maintained to ensure that the new targets remain comparable with previous targets.

In addition to being influenced by the materiality analysis, UPM’s new long term responsibility targets were also influenced by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) published in September 2015.

In Finland the forest industry as a sector has also consistently worked on sustainability issues.
The first voluntary sustainability commitments of the industry were published already in 2013.  The sector’s sustainability commitments until 2025 were renewed early 2018. UPM aims by its operations to promote these commitments on long term as efficiently and widely as possible.  Read more about The Finnish Forest Industry Association's commitments here.

​When looking back for the past ten years, UPM has achieved a clear improvement in its financial performance. At the same time, social and environmental performance has also improved.

2017 compared with 2008



Comparable EBIT


Comparable ROE


Net debt/EBITDA




Safety: LTAF


Employee engagement


Productivity: Sales/employee



Electricity consumption/tonne of paper


Effluent load/product


Waste to landfills



Active patent applications and grants


Share of ecolabelled products


Share of certified fibre


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The UN’s sustainable development goals motivate and encourage for collaboration

Active corporate involvement is an important driver of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) spearheaded by the United Nations in 2015. As a Global Compact LEAD company, UPM is committed to working to achieve the UN’s 2030 goals together with other important players.

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