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competence and knowhow at your service

We offer a broad range of market-leading professional forest expertise and contracting services to woodland and forestry owners in Finland and Uruguay. UPM’s biodiversity programme and other best practices - developed in the company’s own forests - allow UPM to offer tried-and-tested best practices as well as services that are tailored to meet the needs of the individual forest owner.

Sustainable solutions designed to benefit forests and forest owners

UPM offers an extensive range of forest management services to forest and landowners.

Our forest service portfolio includes solutions to boost the forest growth, increase the biodiversity or improve the recreational value of the forest property, based on the needs and values of the owner. The extent of a service package can vary from an all-inclusive service agreement, including a tailored forest management plan and the implementation of planned and annually agreed forestry work and harvesting operations, to a single job.

In 2016, the size of UPM managed forests in Finland and Uruguay totalled almost 900,000 hectares.

Using the links below, please familiarise yourself with our service offerings. Our forest experts are delighted to be at your service and are available for personal consultation.

Contact our forest experts in Finland: +358 (0)204 16 121

Forest management services in Finland

A comprehensive range of forestry and nature management services tailor-made according to the needs of you and your forest.

Forestal Oriental

To learn more about the plantation operations, visit Forestal Oriental's website (in Spanish).

UPM Silvesta - forest work expertise at your service

Finland's leading all-range forest work service provider at your service.

Wide range of investment opportunities

UPM Bonvesta is the market leader in sales of Finnish forest properties and lake shore cabin building plots. We can facilitate property acquisition and provide full forest management and timber harvesting service.
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March 16, 2017

Forestry is not just about felling trees

Tomi Yli-Anttila considers the responsible handling of UPM projects from harvesting to transport a matter of honour.

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UPM Metsä

UPM Forest website covers all the needed services for Finnish forest owners.