Forests full of life 

Wood is UPM's most important raw material. UPM is committed to sustainable forest management and monitors the origin of wood to ensure it is sustainably and legally sourced. However, there's so much more than wood in forests.

​Forests at the heart of sustainability

Forest-based industries have a significant role in promoting sustainable development. Well-managed forests play an essential role in natural carbon and water cycles, as well as preserving and enhancing biodiversity. 

UPM is both a major forest owner and a purchaser of wood. UPM's land use and forestry planning is based on the comprehensive evaluation and preservation of ecosystem services. Sustainable forest management can safeguard and even increase the valuable role that forests play in sequestering carbon.

Principles and commitments

UPM is committed to forest management and forest harvesting practices based on the internationally accepted principles of sustainable forest management.

UPM forests and tree plantations

Forests matter not only as a source of raw material, but they are instrumental in research and development on and training staff in sustainable forest management practices.

Ecosystem services

Recognising and valuing ecosystem services as part of the expanding value chain for forest-based products offers plenty of opportunities from the bioeconomy point of view.


For over two decades UPM has systematically developed methods of biodiversity maintenance in commercial forests.

Forest certification

Forest certification is an excellent tool to promote sustainable forestry. All wood supplies to UPM are covered by third-party-verified chains of custody.

Forest cooperation

UPM participates in a number of initiatives, forums and research and development projects around the world.

Forest services

We offer a broad range of market-leading professional forest expertise and contracting services to woodland and forestry owners.

Responsibility principles

To guide us on our Biofore journey, we have set a series of responsibility principles and targets covering the three pillars of economic, social and environmental responsibility.


From wood to products with respect towards nature

Press release
MAY 17 2017

UPM and FSC® announce a global strategic partnership

UPM and the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) announce a global strategic partnership to develop solutions for advancing the uptake of FSC in the market. UPM and FSC signed the partnership agreement on the 16th of May 2017 during the FSC international members meeting in Karkkila, Finland.