​From certified forests to certified products

All UPM’s forest units and mills have third-party certified Chain of Custody (CoC) systems in accordance with the two main international forest certification standards PEFC™ and FSC®.

​Global tracing system

UPM has had tracing systems for wood raw material in place for nearly two decades. Our tracing systems are based on chains of custody and are integrated into third party ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified management systems. This means that we are able to have complete control over the origin of our own harvesting and ensure that other sources are controlled by contractual terms of agreement and supplier audits.

UPM has also developed a special tracing system for wood sourcing in Russia and the Baltic countries. This system requires all deliveries from Russia and the Baltic countries to be accompanied by a statement of origin showing a map grid reference of the location of the logging area.

We require our suppliers to implement responsible practices that are consistent with the UPM Code of Conduct, the company's policies and rules, and respective forest certification chain of custody standards.

As part of UPM´s own origin of wood tracing system and the FSC® and PEFCTM Chain of Custody requirements, UPM conducted 63 supplier field audits in 2017. Most of the audits were carried out in Russia, followed by the Czech Republic and Germany.

This commitment is further reinforced by regular trainings of relevant UPM staff and contractors, as well as by continuous development and improvement.

Wood from certified sources

The forest certification is designed to provide verification that the wood raw material is legally sourced and originates from sustainably managed forests.

PEFC, an effective environmental movement

PEFC has had a key role in developing forestry into what it is today. This forms a strong base for building a new, sustainable bioeconomy.

UPM promotes FSC forest certification in Finland

UPM actively co-operates with FSC both internationally and in Finland to increase the use of FSC-certified wood in its production processes.

Focus areas and targets

UPM has specific targets for the chain of custody coverage and the use of certified wood.

The true share of certified wood reported

Chain of custody systems enable certified wood to be monitored and reported. UPM has created its own UPM Generic Chain of Custody model which meets the requirements for both PEFC and FSC certification. This model allows UPM to demonstrate the true share of certified wood and wood fibre in its products.

UPM's pulp and paper mills and the pulp and recovered paper sourcing process have had global multi-site FSC and PEFC certificates since 2009. UPM’s global forestry and wood sourcing operations received multi-site PEFC chain of custody, FSC chain of custody and controlled wood certificates in summer 2010.

In 2011, the scope of the certificates was extended to cover forest-delivered biomass for energy as well. In 2012, recovered wood was also included in the system. In 2013, a system was developed to follow the new Chain of Custody standard by PEFC, which in turn was created to comply with EUTR requirements.

The chain of custody process: